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Welcome to Athlos
Aid Station and Race Media Productions

supporting events throughout the southeast 

Upcoming events:

12/3/2022 - Unico 100 M, 100K, 50K (Wingate, NC)

3/4/ 2023 - Naked Mountain Ultra 60K, 30K (Albemarle, NC)

The Running Blog

An ad-free space to share knowledge and experience from athletes, coaches, registered dietitians and sports-specific physicians that have trained and completed ultra marathons.

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In this episode of the pod, I chat with Dr. Alyssa Olenick (@doclyssfitness on social media) about how your menstrual cycle does or doesn't affect your potential performance as an athlete. We dive into the phases of the menstrual cycle, current data we have regarding female physiology and performance, and how to approach this so you can perform well at *any* time of the month. 

Your Menstrual Cycle & Performance with Dr. Alyssa Olenick
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What's better: Running by time or by distance? With Remy B Reel (This or That)

Some people run by distance, while others care about how long they’ve been out.

In this episode, we discuss and showcase both sides to a particularly polarizing topic. 

Are you a runner looking to carve out your space in The Queen City? Click here to learn about all of the resources available.