Anne Springs Close Nature Preserve

Updated: Apr 4

A close friend suggested Anne Springs Close Greenway and nature preserve as a "must-run" location in the greater Charlotte area. Tucked into the northern portion of Fort Mill, Anne Springs is a gem for any runner looking to take their next run off-road. Land donated by the Anne Springs Close family in 1995 set the stage for this beautiful park. This 2,100-acre nature preserve is home to a spider web of trails ranging from easy to moderate. The paths twist their way through forest lands, around lakes, and cut through pastures with plenty of shade to shield you from the summer heat. To top it off, there's a quaint restaurant available to refuel or to sip a cool post-run beverage.

Many of the trails are open bicycles and horse riders but clearly marked directional arrows ensure runners won't be caught by surprise. Be sure to take a few moments to study the trail map, as you may get turned around if you run by "feel." Luckily, I had a few miles left in me after emerging at the opposite end of the park. Nonetheless, I will surely make another visit in the near future perhaps to finish off the Blue Star trail.

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