Athlos Aid Station and Race Photography

A non-profit based in Huntersville, NC, providing aid support and photography for ultramarathons.

Athlos aid stations are designed to be a lifeline for runners during ultramarathons. With guidance from sport-specific physicians, registered dietitians, certified running coaches, and certified personal trainers, each aid station is geared specifically to address any hurdles a runner might face during a race.

In addition, in partnership with local organizations, Athlos Running has curated an ad-free space to share running knowledge and stories to help runners perform at their best while balancing running with the rest of their lives.

“Why not create a space that cuts through the clutter of ads and pop-ups to simply talk running.” ~ Seth Baird (Athlos Founder)

Our Story

In the fall of 2020, founder and runner Seth was diagnosed with end-stage hip arthritis with bone-on-bone contact making everyday life a significant challenge and running nearly impossible. Being a lifelong athlete, this news was devastating for a 34-year-old full of energy with a young family to keep up with. Although the prognosis was clear, and surgery is in the near future, with guidance and support from friends, physicians, and coaches, he entered the 2021 racing season optimistic and determined to run, connect, and support other runners in the community.

The connections made ignited the passion for giving back by launching The Athlos Running Corporation.

What sets Athlos Running Corporation apart from other organizations?

We share a passion for running and helping people beyond the basics of cheer. We become invested in each athlete that competes during an ultramarathon, from the first finisher to the last. We pride ourselves on being available for local events to large-scale races.

Each aid station is self-sufficient and includes shelter, lighting, hydration, fuel, and muscle manipulation devices. Athlos aid stations are emergency ready with the means to address minor injuries and the ability to contact necessary emergency personnel.

Supply list of inventory each Athlos aid station has on hand

*List of additional supplies included provided to race director prior to the event.

Pop up canopy

LED lanterns

Foam rollers

Stretching mats

Hand warmers

Folding tables

Handheld flashlights

Massage sticks

First aid kits

Barrier creams



Massage gun

Blood pressure cuffs

Sanitary products

Water coolers


Massage balls

Pulse oximeter

Hair ties


Portable phone chargers

Stretching bands

Instant ice packs

Glow sticks

What nutritional strategies are taken to ensure the safety and performance of race participants?

In conjunction with partnerships through Saltstick, Stoke Performance, and YonBons, all nutritional determinations are reviewed by Holley Samuel RD of Fit Cookie Nutrition, who has lengthy experience coaching and working with endurance athletes.

Depending on race conditions and location, fueling strategies are adjusted to provide the best support for athletes on race day.

Are Athlos Running staff experienced?

Yes, Athlos staff have experience running and crewing ultramarathons. In addition, Athlos staff are CPR and basic First aid certified.

How can I get in contact with Athlos for race coverage?

Please reach out to use via email:

Attn: Race Coverage

What information should I include when contacting Athlos for race coverage?

  • Date

  • Location

  • Brief description of the event

  • Number of participants

How can I support Athlos Running?

100% of proceeds and donations help develop and maintain high-level aid stations at races Athlos Running attends.

Thank you for your interest and support for the Athlos Running Corporation.