Charlotte Area Greenways

The expanding network of greenways through Charlotte, NC, has been a welcoming joy for runners of all levels. From interval training to long runs, this network of trails provides the perfect escape from your typical neighborhood sidewalk loop. The way the routes tuck into and out of different neighborhoods allows you to explore our region's changing landscape and architecture. Throw on your favorite tunes and get lost in the adventure. Be sure to carry water with you as many of these greenways are true to their nature in that you may see a passing deer and a lone bench on your route but don't expect to find many bathroom stops. As always, don't forget to tell someone you're going for a run.

Little Sugar Creek Greenway (4 miles)

1910 Freedom Park

Charlotte, NC

Clarks Creek Greenway (7 miles)

9729 Mallard Creek Rd

Charlotte, NC

Mallard Creek Greenway (5.7 miles)

201 East Mallard Creek Church Road

Charlotte, NC

McAlpine Creek Greenway (1.5 miles)

8711 Monroe Road

Charlotte, NC

Huntersville, NC

While the network of trails isn't as vast as Charlotte's greenways the town of Huntersville is on the rise expanding and creating more open spaces for runners.

routes for its residence and visitors.

Torrence Creek Greenway

McDowell Greenway

Matthews, NC

Four Mile Creek Greenway (4 miles)

5803 Bevington PL

Charlotte, NC

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