The Running Warmup To Boost Performance

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Once thought to be commonplace is now considered taboo in running circles; static stretching or the classic "bend over and touch your toes" stretch to warm up to run.

When you stretch, you are forcibly lengthening the muscle belly, which causes micro-tears. Yes, this may help increase flexibility with time and proper technique, but this also temporarily weakens muscle fibers. When you complete static stretching before running, you increase the chance of injury. Therefore, we insist that you leave static stretching techniques to trained medical professionals that have evaluated your specific needs.

Complete a dynamic warmup routine like the one below to prepare for your run. These movements will promote blood flow, safely increase mobility through your joints, and prepare your body for the task at hand.

Warm up routine provided by Forward Motion CLT. "Are you ready to move your run forward?"

Lisa (featured above) has raced and paced distances from 5k - 100 miles. She's a Boston finisher and multi-time qualifier. She's a firm believer that the mental aspect of running is just as important as the physical, and her training incorporates both. If you're local to the greater Charlotte area and would like to reach Lisa to discuss developing a well-rounded routine, visit Forward Motion CLT.

"I was in a running slump for about 8 months. I tried many different training schedules-none of which got me back into the groove of running. Eventually, I started working with Lisa and finally enjoyed running again. She created a personalized training schedule for me and strength workouts to prevent injury. When we met on the track, Lisa coached me on my form and showed me exercises to strengthen my legs. After one short month, I love to run again!"


College Freshman